Are you wondering if you need marriage counseling?  Do you long to bring the passion back into your relationship?  Did you know that the average couple waits approximately six years before seeking marriage counseling?  That means there are a lot of people living every day in pretty lackluster relationships, feeling frustrated, sad and lonely, not knowing how to change things.  That makes me really sad.  Because guess what?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  In fact, you deserve to have a rich and rewarding relationship in which you feel cherished by your partner.

Often, your relationship starts out great and you get married, settle down, have kids (sometimes not in that order!)  With kids and a house comes lot of responsibility and as time goes on, a lot less sex.  Between cooking and dishes and laundry and conference calls and early morning meetings and soccer practice and dance classes and carpooling, you are absolutely exhausted!  You have little time for yourself, much less time to devote into date nights and earth shattering sex with your partner.  So you focus on the kids, and invest your energy in them, not your relationship.  You gradually have less sex, and what sex you have becomes more routine and frankly, boring, as if it is another task on your long list of things to do.  I know this part because I’ve been there.

Eventually, you begin to lead separate lives and you focus on your needs or the kids’ needs.  The bad thing about this is that leading separate lives turns you into roommates or with the feeling that you are living with a close brother or sister, not a partner that you love, desire and cherish.

Instead of turning toward one another for comfort when you are sad, stressed out or upset, you turn away, toward other things such as friends, your job, a hobby, volunteer work, alcohol, computer games, social media etc.   You may argue a lot or your arguments may have run out of steam and you give up on hoping it could get better.

At this point, some people look outside of their marriage for affirmation of their worth and they have an affair.  Others just settle and vow to stay together until the kids graduate from college.  They think their job is to get the kids through college and then they can get divorced and find happiness.

But all of this is not how it’s supposed to be.  You deserve to have the rich and loving relationship that you want.  You see older couples holding hands, looking so in love and you think, “I want that!  How can they still be so in love?”  Guess what?  You CAN have that.  It takes work, but you can have that with your partner.   You can read lots of self-help books, but it doesn’t usually work if you are the only one reading the books.  Marriage is a team sport, and you may need marriage counseling to help both of you to get on the same wavelength, recognize what’s working and what isn’t and create a roadmap to a more rewarding relationship.

If this sounds like you, please don’t wait.  Reach out to me  for marriage counseling.  Bring the passion, the joy and the emotional and sexual connection back to your relationship. You deserve to have a marvelous relationship with your partner.  You deserve to feel important to them.  You deserve to feel cherished.  You deserve to have their eyes light up when you enter the room.  You can have this, all of this.  Remember how I said I could relate because I’ve been there?  I chose to really invest in my relationship, and my emotional and sexual connection with my husband is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I’d love to work with you to create the relationship you truly want and deserve.  You can reach me here.