Counseling and Coaching Fees


I like to be very transparent about my fees.  I personally like to know the cost of something before I commit to it, and I feel that my clients should also know what financial investment to expect.  Please inquire regarding sex coaching, executive coaching, and life coaching fees.  Below are counseling fees.

Individual counseling fees are:

First Session:  $225 (55 minutes)

Subsequent sessions:  $200 (50 minutes)


Couples counseling fees are:

First Session:  $350 (85 minutes) or $250 (55 minutes)

Subsequent sessions:  $225 (50 minutes); $350 (85 minutes)


While I do not participate in any insurance network, I can provide you with the paperwork needed for reimbursement. I am an out-of-network or private pay practitioner.  Basically, this means that you pay me directly for services and then if you desire to file a claim with insurance, you use my receipt to file with insurance.  It’s called a Superbill in insurance lingo.  I do not contract with insurance companies because of the restrictions they typically place on client care which include determining whether your diagnosis qualifies for reimbursement, limiting the number of sessions covered and potentially compromising your confidentiality if they audit records.

Most of my clients don’t file with insurance for various reasons.  However, some do, and If you intend to file with insurance, I recommend you contact them before we meet to find out what your specific coverage is because everyone’s is different.  I’d hate to have you be surprised by any fees not covered by insurance.