Recommended Providers

Finding someone to help you navigate your concerns can be really overwhelming.  Because I can only work with a limited number of folks at any given time, I’ve created the following list of local providers by specialty to offer you other therapy and testing options. They are not in any particular order.  I’m sure I have left some really good people off of this list as I don’t know all of the providers in our area.  I have only listed people I have personally met with in some capacity or have worked with collaboratively in a professional setting. I will periodically update it as I learn of new people to add.  


I recommend you research each person that appeals to you and find the ones that resonate the most.  I don’t know who takes or doesn’t take insurance, who is in-person or who offers telehealth. Any therapist listed with a specialty should also be competent to help with general concerns such as anxiety and depression.  Please contact the ones you like the most to ask specific questions.  Clicking the provider’s name will bring you to their website.

for sexual concerns addressed in therapy…

Chuck Franks (AASECT Certified Sex Therapist)

Quinn Eggesieker Mack (AASECT Certified Sex Therapist)

Julia Schafermeyer (AASECT Certified Sex Therapist)

Lori Schwartz (AASECT Certified Sex Therapist)

Cassie Willnauer 

Bethany Butler Myers

Emily Foltz

Nicole Landwehr (located in St. Louis, so MO telehealth only; AASECT Certified Sex Therapist)

Find a certified sex therapist all over in the country here.

Find options for more kink-aware and poly-friendly practitioners all over in the country here.

for couples/relationship therapy…

for trauma and grief therapy…

for adult individual therapy …

for EMDR …

for substance use help …

for adults wanting someone certified in the Daring Way™…

Melissa Kincheloe

Brenda Walden

A list of Daring Way™ Groups can be found HERE

for art therapy…

for child therapy…

Laurie Pisciotta  (play therapist, ADHD, Parenting, Foster Care system)

Kate Hamlin

Caroline Danda

Lisa Bozzoli

Chelsea Link

Amy Hyken-Lande   (divorce counseling)

Cindy Brennan

Lisa Ruff (specializes in ADHD and giftedness)

Dusti Powell (play therapist)

Embark Counseling (Various interns and counselors)

Responsive Centers

for teen therapy…

for child ADHD evaluations…

for adult ADHD evaluations…

for ADHD coaching/counseling…

Michelle Benton (counseling and coaching, all ages)

Kay Grossman  (adult coach)

Meadowlark Psychology and Development Center (adult and child counseling)

Bryce Jones (neurofeedback)

Stella Ferrnandez  (counseling and coaching, all ages)

Michele Worley   (counseling)

Responsive Centers

Can also look for a coach through any of the following organizations:

for child gifted evaluations/IQ testing…

for adult psychological evaluations…

for trans-affirming as specialization (also see above listed under sexual concerns because they are also likely candidates for trans-affirming care):

Emily Foltz

Quinn Eggesieker Mack (AASECT Certified Sex Therapist)

Erin Dawn

Micaela Wexler (trans-affirming and LGBT friendly psychiatrist)



Kevin Mays (adults)

Erick Brown (adults)

Ely Tamano (adults)

Sasha Hamdani (adults)

Jaclyn Legg (children through adults)

Micaela Wexler (children and teens)


top surgery – mtf or ftm