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As of July 7, 2023, I have openings for new clients for online (telehealth) sessions only. Research shows therapy is equally effective in-person or online via telehealth.

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If you are a woman who wants to improve her ❤️ relationship and improve her sex life, you are welcome to learn about an online group focused on helping people strengthen and deepen their relationships and learn how to create a great sex life. Please visit: REKINDLE YOUR LOVE AND SEX LIFE

If you would like help with erectile dysfunction or erection problems, I invite you to watch my webinar on performance anxiety and sign up for my Erection Dysfunction Masterclass called TAKE CHARGE OF ED.  The course is hosted through my company, LOVE FILLED LIFE.

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer doing any ADHD, IQ or psychological testing. If you are seeking an ADHD evaluation for a child or IQ testing, please see my recommendations page HERE.

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