The Daring Way™ /Rising Strong™ Rise! Transition to High School Girls’ Group Application


Thank you for your interest in a group for girls transitioning to high school.  I (Heather) am so excited to offer this group!

If you are interested in attending an upcoming workshop, please fill out the form below.    I ask for this information to ensure the group has the right mix of girls.  Once I schedule the group, I will contact you with specific details.  Right now, I am planning on having the groups meet at my office (near College and Antioch) for 5-6 sessions.  The cost will range between $400 and $450.

Once the workshop is scheduled, I will provide you with an outline of the general topics we will cover and you will have an opportunity to decide if you want to participate.  Once you desire to participate and are officially enrolled for the workshop, I will provide you with an opportunity to pay and submit the necessary paperwork through my online client portal.  Your participation in a workshop/group is NOT confirmed until verified by me and upon the receipt of your payment along with the submission of the required paperwork (The Daring Way™ Informed Consent).