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Do You Want to Learn How to Manage Erection Difficulties, But Don’t Know How?

This course is designed to teach you how to prevent and manage erection troubles using techniques taught by Certified Sex Therapists.

Erection difficulty course

Stop feeling frustrated and disappointed and start experiencing pleasure, connection and sexual confidence

 Why this course?

Welcome! I’m so glad you found this course on erection issues and erectile dysfunction (ED). 

There is little information online to help you learn what to do when you have erection difficulties.  There’s even less information online to help you understand how ED impacts your relationships with your partner or spouse.

And that’s such a shame because ED can be managed and you can have a wonderful sex life.

ED makes most people feel so badly about themselves. They often stop having sex or end up having very disappointing sex.

Are you frustrated, discouraged, confused about why ED happens sometimes and not others, and really worried about your sexual abilities?

 Does it feel like you are the only person you know with ED?

You aren’t!

One in every five men in the US has ED, and those numbers go up substantially as you get older. That’s a lot of people! But it often feels like you are the only person suffering from ED because no one talks about it.

Do you want things you can do right now to improve your ED, your sex life and your relationship?

This course is filled with helpful info that will help you learn to manage ED and work with your spouse or partner to create magnificent sexual intimacy.

You can take the course by yourself or with a partner.

The course covers the material from 6-8 sessions of sex therapy, which typically costs $1500, and it includes proven treatments that are backed by research.

I’ve seen how much ED impacts my patients’ lives. They feel so ashamed of their ED and suffer alone. I was getting calls from more men than I could help through traditional counseling. I wanted to help as many people as possible live better lives despite ED, so I decided to create this course.

I’m so glad you are ready to get help to learn to manage ED.  You deserve to feel great about yourself and to feel sexually confident.

If you are ready to take charge of your ED and improve your sex life, join the waitlist and be the first to be notified when enrollment opens.

I’m so glad you are here.

Erection RX course is for you if:


You want to learn in the privacy of your own home instead of office visits with a sex therapist


You are motivated to enhance your sexual wellness and feel sexually confident


You  want to learn how to have magnificent sex while coping with ED



Erection-enhancing drugs aren’t fixing your ED


Enrollment Opening August 19, 2022

Join the waitlist to be the first to have the opportunity to enroll

What Others Say About the Course

I learned so much about why I was having ED and what to do about it. My sex life really improved as a result of taking this course.


I never realized how much my worrying was keeping me from getting hard.  Now, I can get and stay hard most of the time.


Heather’s style made me feel comfortable and like I was pretty normal.  Just feeling that acceptance reduced my ED.


Skills You’ll Learn

  • The facts and myths about manhood, sex and ED and how popular media sends us the wrong messages about what a real man is and what sex is.
  • How your body is wired to respond sexually and what you can do to increase your arousal.
  • How aging impacts your erections.
  • What causes erection issues.  Knowing the cause of your erection issues will help you to figure out what to do to enhance erections.
  • The role of anxiety and how it contributes to erection issues.
  • Medical and non-medical treatments to help you get and stay hard during sex.
  • What turns you on and pumps up your arousal.
  • How you and your partner can set up the right situation for magnificent sex.
  • Ways to expand your sexual pleasure.
  • How your partner can support you and team with you when you experience erection issues.
  • How cancer treatment impacts your erections.
  • Bonus:  the latest sex toys and how to use them to enhance your pleasure

ERECTION RX - Help for Erection Issues

(A $1500 Value)
      • The class package includes 16 video lessons that are self-directed through 8 modules.
      • A comprehensive understanding of what is impacting your ability to get and keep erections.
      • Proven sex therapy techniques to enhance your erections and your sexuality.
      • Ways to increase your sexual self-confidence and experience magnificent sex.
      • Exercises to help you explore your sensuality and enhance erections.
      • A guide for your partner to team with you to support erection issues and create fulfilling, exciting and pleasurable sex.

    Welcome to the Course

    Course Syllabus

    01:      Facts vs. myths about manhood, sex and ED

    Learning to take charge of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) starts with you knowing the true facts about masculinity, sex, and ED and understanding how much of what we believe is really based on myths and media messages.

    02:      Your body and how it responds sexually

    Understanding what happens when you are aroused and how your body causes you to get or lose an erection is key to you learning what to do and what not to do when you want to be sexual. You will also learn how your body changes as you age.

    03:      What causes ED

    In this lesson, you’ll learn what causes ED and you’ll learn about how your masturbation techniques can impact your erections.  You will also learn the latest research on the impact of pornography on erections.

    04:      How anxiety and our thoughts contribute to ED

    This lesson will help you understand the huge role of anxiety and how it contributes to erection difficulties.  You will learn how your thoughts about sex and your sexual performance are impacting your ability to get or keep erections.  You will learn to identify and change harmful thoughts.

    05:      Medical treatments for ED

    In this lesson, you will learn about the major medical treatments for ED. You will also learn the role of lifestyle factors on erectile health and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. 

    06:      Non-medical treatments for ED

    In this lesson, you will learn numerous techniques for managing erectile difficulties. You’ll challenge your definition of sex, learn what turns you on and off, learn techniques to relax and focus on the sexual experience, and learn ways to expand your sexual pleasure.

    07:      Couples sex and intimacy

    In this lesson, you will learn techniques to improve your nonsexual and sexual intimacy, including how to talk with your partner about sex, how to increase your connection and closeness within the relationship, how to set up a successful sexual experience and how to become a better sex partner.  

    08:      Information for partners about ED

    It’s very important for your partner to understand how to support you when you have erection troubles and to know that your erection difficulties are not because of them.  This lesson will teach them the information they need to know to help you with arousal and erections and to partner with you to create magnificent sex.

    09:      Planning ahead

    This lesson is for you and your partner (or just you if you don’t have a current partner) to plan ahead for how you will manage future ED so you are able to keep your cool and be flexible and create a great sexual experience despite having erection issues.

    10:      Cancer and ED

    This lesson addresses the impact of cancer treatment on erections and provides helpful techniques to improve your sexuality with a specific focus on prostate, testicular and penile cancers.  

    Bonus:  Using sex toys to enhance your pleasure – (A $197 vaue)

    Learn about some of the latest sex toys on the market and how to add them to your sexual play in order to enhance your pleasure and your partner’s pleasure.

    Meet Your Trainer

    Heather England, Ph.D., MBA, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Certifed Sex Therapist

    Hello!  I’m a partner, mom, grandma, friend, veteran, and former corporate senior manager who became enthralled with helping people create better lives. People describe me as kind, compassionate, creative, intelligent, energetic, and direct.  

    Building strong relationships with my family and friends is the most important thing to me and is my secret to a happy life. It’s the cornerstone to creating a better life for anyone. I want you to have better relationships and I want you to have better sex.

    I love working with people to help them improve their lives.  Because I was fascinated by how often my clients talked about sexual concerns, I went back to school and got a Certificate in Sexual Health from the University of Michigan. I loved learning about sex and helping people with sexual problems so much that I became a nationally Certified Sex Therapist and earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology.  

    Because I wanted to help as many people as I could with their sex lives (and there are only so many hours I can offer therapy appointments), I created two courses on the subjects I’m most passionate about: erectile dysfunction and couple’s intimacy. 

    Heather England Sex Therapist Sex Coach

    Enrollment Opening August 19, 2022

    Join the waitlist to be the first to have the opportunity to enroll