Below are recommended books.  They are linked to the book in Amazon. There is no obligation to buy them through Amazon.  Many are likely available through your local library or used book stores.  As an Amazon affiliate partner,  I receive a very small amount for items purchased when linked from this page.


Come As You Are
She Comes First
Magnificent Sex
Better Sex through mindfulness
Getting the Sex You Want
Becoming Cliterate
Sex at Dawn
Tell Me What You Want


seven principles for making marriage work
Getting the Love You Want
Hold Me Tight


The State of Affairs
Mating in Captivity
Healing from infidelity
After the Affair

Male Sexuality and Masculinity

Coping with erectile dysfunction
the penis book
Coping with premature ejaculation
Man Enough

Healing from Sexual Trauma

healing journey maltz
Body keeps the score
healing sexual trauma workbook
courage to heal

Polyamory/Consensual Non-Monogamy

the ethical slut
jealousy workbook


ultimate guide to kink
Doms guide to kink
exploring BDSM kink
leather couch

Sex and Religion

Sex God and the Conservative church
You are Your Own
Shameless Parenting

General Topics

Being Mortal
the subtle art of not giving a fuck
better boundaries