Services and Fees


I like to be very transparent about my fees.  I personally like to know the cost of something before I commit to it, and I feel that my clients should also know what financial investment to expect. I offer the following services.  Please see below for more information and fees.

  • Counseling for individuals ages 18 and older
  • Couple’s Counseling 
  • Adult ADHD Evaluations 
  • Gifted Assessments/IQ Testing 
  • Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ Curriculum and Groups





First Session (often called an intake):  Individual session is 55 minutes, $200; Couple’s session is 90 minutes, $325

Individual Session (50 minutes): $175

Couple’s Session (50 minutes):  $185

Couple’s Session (90 minutes):  $300

To me, counseling is something we all need at times in our lives.  I know it’s awkward and sometimes scary to reach out for counseling help and to share your deepest thoughts with someone else.  I want our relationship to be one where you feel important, cared about and safe to say all of the sad, angry, embarrassing, fearful or otherwise upsetting things you keep hidden deep inside.

My office is very casual and so am I.  Some days, I’ll be wearing a skirt, and on others, I’ll be in jeans and a cozy sweater. I try to make this process as easy for you as possible.   I invested in an online client portal that is paperless and has an online calendar to make your life easier (and mine) and to hopefully save some trees from being made into endless paper.  You’ll be able to contact me confidentially and schedule and change your appointments online without playing phone tag or having to talk to a receptionist.  We can schedule your appointments during your session if you don’t want to use the online calendar or you can schedule them yourself online.  You can choose to receive email and/or text reminders of your appointments.  Again, my goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you.  I think it’s hard enough to come to therapy, so I try to make the experience as good as I can for you.


An important thing for you to know is that I am what is called an out-of-network or private pay practitioner.  Basically, this means that you pay me directly for services and then if you desire to file a claim with insurance, you use my receipt to file with insurance.  It’s called a Superbill in insurance lingo.  I do not contract with insurance companies because of the restrictions they typically place on client care which include determining whether your diagnosis qualifies for reimbursement, limiting the number of sessions covered and potentially compromising your confidentiality if they audit records.

Most of my clients don’t file with insurance for various reasons.  However, some do, and If you intend to file with insurance, I recommend you contact them before we meet to find out what your specific coverage is because everyone’s is different.  I’d hate to have you be surprised by any fees not covered by insurance.  You can provide your insurance company with the counseling code of 90834 and my Kansas licenses (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and Licensed Masters Level Psychologist).


IQ Testing


I am very passionate about IQ testing and I test many children and adults.  In fact, I invested a significant amount of time and money to earn a special license just to do testing (that’s why I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist).  I work very hard to minimize any potential anxiety when I do IQ testing and to make the process enjoyable.  Although the actual IQ test is very objective, I deliberately structure the entire testing process to allow kids to score at their potential. I feel it is so important to ensure kids have time to warm up and become comfortable, are not rushed through the process, and can take breaks and have snacks.  I also use iPads to do the testing rather than the bulky, boring method of using spiral books and pen and paper scoring.


Fees:  $485


This includes the testing, a comprehensive report that summarizes the results and a 15- 20 minute phone consultation to review the results.   Often, I can score the test before you leave and provide you with the results and consultation at the end of our appointment.  I provide you with the written report within 2 weeks.  You likely already know this, but insurance typically does not cover IQ testing.


I like to be very transparent about IQ testing as it’s often so difficult for parents to get answers to questions about gifted programming.  Each district in our Kansas/Missouri area has its own protocol regarding requirements to be identified for the gifted program, and some have additional hurdles the child needs to achieve in addition to a qualifying IQ score.  As a result, I cannot guarantee whether or not a school district will place a child in gifted programming even if they score in the gifted range on their IQ testing.


ADHD Evaluations


In general,  my ADHD evaluations are similar for both adults and children, but are more involved for children.  There is no industry standard test that diagnoses ADHD.  Instead, the diagnosis is determined based on a combination of tests and information about the individual’s history and current behaviors in a variety of settings such as home and school.  It’s different from a medical diagnosis that can be confirmed with things such as an X-Ray, a blood test or MRI etc.  Thus far, no medical test exists for ADHD.
Children:  Evaluations include a clinical interview with parent(s), and child, surveys completed by a parent, teacher and the child, feedback session with parent, and a full report of findings and recommendations.  In some cases, they include a clinical interview with a teacher.
Adults:  Evaluations include a clinical interview with the adult and either their parent or partner, surveys completed by the adult and a parent or partner, a feedback session, and a full report of findings and recommendations.



Evaluations can sometime vary in terms of time involved and cost.  Fees can be higher if there are other complicating factors such as additional diagnoses etc. like anxiety and depression  I prefer to be thorough in my evaluation process because I want to ensure ADHD is the right diagnosis. In general, the fees are as follows:

ADHD Under age 25:  Fees vary based on whether or not a child needs school accommodations for Private School, High School, College or ACT/SAT as these organizations require additional testing. Time for additional items not typically included such as interviewing teachers or additional psychological testing beyond an ADHD diagnosis is  billed at $150 per hour.

Ages 5-13:  $875 without IQ testing/$1275 with IQ testing (a savings of $75 with IQ testing)

Private School, High School, College or ACT/SAT accommodations:  $1750

Adult: $675

Adult:  Re-verification of a psychiatrist diagnosis or childhood diagnosis:  $450

If you would like more information or desire to begin counseling or schedule IQ testing or an ADHD evaluation, please contact me HERE.