IQ testing in a private practice setting

Why would parents want to spend money to have their child’s IQ tested in a private practice setting versus at their public school?  As a parent, I can relate to all of the feelings parents go through when they have their child’s IQ tested.  I can especially relate to this since I had my youngest daughter complete IQ testing privately, and not at her public elementary school.  I remember being nervous for her and not knowing what to tell her prior to the testing.

I was worried that she would not be allowed breaks and because she refused breakfast prior to the testing, I was really concerned she would underperform because she was hungry and that the psychologist would not allow her to have snacks.  I was worried because she sat behind an intimidating desk during the testing and not at a table.

Additionally, I was eager to learn the results and had to wait several weeks for a report to arrive in the mail, with no verbal explanation from the psychologist. I remember reading the report and being overwhelmed trying to understand all of the information.  Additionally, all the report really did was provide the results.  It didn’t give me any recommendations about what to do with the results or how to help my child.  Additionally, the report did not report the score I really needed in order to have my child qualify for a gifted program in my school district, called a General Ability Index, so I assumed she did not qualify.  If my next door neighbor at the time hadn’t been a gifted teacher in our school t\district, I may not have ever realized that our daughter qualified for gifted ed.

Because of this experience, I vowed to create a different experience for children when I decided to conduct IQ testing in my private practice setting. I’m qualified to conduct IQ testing, but I am also licensed as a therapist and have conducted therapy with children, so I am warm and inviting and want children to feel accepted and relaxed during their visit for testing.  Although the IQ testing protocol is very standard and clear, I pride myself in customer service and in creating an environment and experience for each child that best meets their needs and provides an opportunity for them to perform at their potential.  I like the child to leave my office feeling good about themselves and I endeavor to take time at the end of our appointment, after the testing has concluded, to talk about their strengths.

I administer the most updated versions of the Weschler series of IQ tests:  The Weschler Preschool Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI), the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), and the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS).  I also use iPad technology versus the original book and paper method because I think it creates a better experience for those being tested and it keeps people more engaged in the process, which is even more critical if your child has attention challenges.

If you are interested in scheduling testing, please contact me here.